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Director Patricia Whelchel

Patricia began her career in the executive suite industry in 1988 with HQ Business Centers located in Boston. During her 25-year career, Patricia has been responsible for the overall sales and operational success of nine Massachusetts area Executive Suites locations. Prior to this, Patricia owned and operated two restaurants in the United Kingdom.

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Company Philosophy

Cummings Executive Suites strives to provide a high quality product in the form of leasable real estate and prompt, professional and friendly service. It attempts to promote high ethical standards and non-discrimination in all operations. Realizing that each communication among staff members and between staff and clients reflects upon the company as a whole, we pride ourselves in setting a standard of excellence in all that we write and promote.

Concurrently, treating employees and patrons with dignity and respect at all times is the catalyst for establishing and fostering mutually rewarding, long-term relationships. We value that ours is a service industry, and we are here to serve to the best of our ability and potential.

By identifying and fulfilling clients' individual needs, we are better able to operate and develop our business in a focused, efficient manner. Aimed at perpetuating and increasing tenant successes, we also thereby promote and ensure our own success as a company. Efficiently accommodating our consumers' needs today means greater opportunity to serve them in years to come.