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Black & Vitalli

black & vitalliThe decision to leave the security of our positions in Boston law firms to start our own law firm in the suburbs was extremely difficult, particularly in today's tough economic times. Our initial primary focus was to secure office space that would be easily accessible, professional and impressive to our clients, while at the same time providing us with the services and facilities we would need to run a successful business on an affordable basis.

Before settling in at the Executive Suites at TradeCenter 128, we explored many options, including traditional office space and competitor executive suite options. We soon discovered that the Executive Suites at TradeCenter 128 was the smartest option on the market today. Our clients frequently comment on the impressive, modern new building conveniently located right off the highway. Our offices are well designed and comfortable and the Suite's manager, Patricia Whelchel, has been extremely flexible and accommodating with any of our special needs, including building out new, larger space for our firm when we began to grow just a few months after we moved in.

The amenities available to us, including full time receptions services, conference room access and use of the kitchen facilities, affords us the ability to present a professional, successful image to our clients, while keeping our costs down, far lower than we would be paying for traditional office space and a full time employee.

Our business has been incredibly successful in a short period of time and we truly believe that this success is, in large part, the result of our decision to grow our business at the Executive Suites at TradeCenter 128.

The Real Reporter

Gaining Popularity, Temp Offices Seen as More Than Just a Passing Fad

Trek Consulting

The Office Building with a Personality

Last summer I moved into new office space here in Woburn, MA. It's a new building, just off Route 128 and only four miles from my home - so the perfect location in my mind. When the owners, Cummings Properties, planned this property they didn't just set out to build a new office building - they took the time to strategically plan out the business environment they hoped to create. As a result, even during this lousy commercial real estate market, they have created a loyal following of tenants and have a solid occupancy rate. So, what have they done that's unique?

  • Environmentally-conscious construction
  • Ongoing recycling
  • Solar panels for energy generation
  • Upscale restaurant with a menu that has a wide range of prices
  • Plenty of free covered parking

Do I sound like a commercial? No, I sound like a satisfied customer. We should all take the time to acknowledge the products and services that make us stop and think - we need to ask ourselves what they did to set themselves apart and then take that vision as we look to our own business.

In my area of the building, called ExecuSuites, my neighbors are software companies, medical billing firms, law offices, CPAs, marketing firms, consulting firms and not-for-profits. We have a great setup but not that different from other buildings like this. So, what makes this property so different?

A different approach

In addition to building an office, my landlords have succeeded in building a community. There is a monthly newsletter sharing not only news of the building, but also news of the companies inhabiting the ExecuSuites space. There are frequent breakfasts and coffees to give the neighbors a chance to meet one another. These allow small business owners a valuable networking opportunity as well as a chance to gain support from their neighbors.

At the end of the day, tenant retention will be higher because tenants will not only be evaluating rental rates when renewing, but also including the value of being part of a community. Community is a concept that is getting more and more attention in today's 2.0 world.

My building is a great example of how community can enhance a business that many others would consider to be a commodity (office space). How could you create a community for your customers and change the rules of the game in your market?

AyerHoffman, LLP

ayer hoffmanWhen we decided to open our new law firm we were very concerned about location and image. We looked all around the Boston area for the right space. We considered both standalone and shared-space environments, including the big names in shared space. The big names don't compare. The Executive Suites at TradeCenter 128 provide the perfect solution to turn-key office space. From the distinctive, state-of-the-art, high profile building to the flexible floor plans and high-quality furnishings, the Executive Suites project the image of professionalism and stability our firm needs to impress our clients. The Executive Suites aren't only about image, though. The amenities available make establishing an office a breeze. We simply moved in with our computers and went to work in a modern, comfortable, relaxing space we could have never afforded on our own. Everything we need is only a few steps away, including an administrative staff managed by Patricia Whelchel, whose ability and drive to get things done and done right is nothing short of amazing. Our firm is growing rapidly. We believe the decision to locate in the Executive Suites at TradeCenter 128 was a vital first step toward our success.

Amilcar Consulting

I am a client at TradeCenter Executive Suites at TradeCenter 128 in Woburn, Massachusetts. I have been working with Patricia Whelchel since May of 2009. I'm writing to you to let you know how pleased I have been with your services so far.

I am delighted with my arrangements on several different areas. In particular, the office space is phenomenal, the staff is very professional, and the services are unparalleled. My office space is beautiful, clean and pleasant to work in. Patricia and her staff are very friendly, yet professional. They have catered to my every need from office accommodations, to providing office products like paper and staples when I needed them most. Their desire to make sure that our needs are met is unmatched. My business is in professional services, and as a consultant, customer service is extremely important to me; I have been most pleased with the customer service I have received from the staff.

In addition to the beautiful and functional office space, friendly yet professional staff, and unparalleled service, I would like to also emphasize that the overall cost to value is phenomenal. The cost of my office space, staff, and services provided is unmatched. I have done research and although I could have gone into Boston or Cambridge for office space, I have found that TradeCenter Executive Suites in Woburn provided the best value for the price. It also addressed my desire to do business in a green building. The building has met all of my expectations. I am very pleased with my choice to lease office space at TradeCenter Executive Suites, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Moreira & Associates, PC

moreira & associatesThe services, amenities, and location of TradeCenter Executive Suites are second to none, while their staff provides the highest level of professionalism, keeping a positive light shining on our busy law practice. I strongly recommend TradeCenter Executive Suites to any successful corporate executive interested in growing his or her business without the attendant growing pains.